Helpful Documents

Power Point for Oral Public Health HDNW Overview 2018 Mac Island

Power Point Mac Island Infant Oral Health Dawn Marie Strehl

Handout for Pediatric Trauma 6-1-2018 Kloostra

Handout outline for Pediatric Radiographs 6-1-18 Hudsonville Majewski

Handout for Beware and Be Aware Pamela Zarkowski 6-1-2018 Hudsonville

Handout for Pediatric Radiographs Livonia 5-18-2018

Handout for Who is in Your Chair 5-18-2018 Livonia

Amy Kinnamon April 20th, 2018 Revised Handout

HIPAA Handout March 23, 2018 and April 20th, 2018